Friday, October 9, 2009

Finished animatic.

Well here's my animatic. I plan on redoing it or at least certain parts. It's extremely rough at this point but hopefully the overall story comes through. I realize that the first part is difficult to see, but until I fix that image that's the best quality I have at this point.

The overall story is about the dragon origin and how dinosaurs played a role in creating these mythology creatures. It starts off on a Medieval tapestry telling the story of a terrible dragon that destroys the village, and then it pans over to a skeleton of the dinosaur(the main character). I have so recent changes in whats going to happen next, but a bird flies by and as it flies over the ocean it turns into a pteranodo. She flies to her nest and the babies hatch. I think most of the story is pretty clear from there. The Compsognathus tries to get to them by trying to fly using leaves as wings and dies. After the credits a Medieval farmer digs up the skeleton which ties it back to the beginning with the tapestry and the skeleton there. I think....

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