Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New background...well a piece of it.

So I'm still working on building a better background. How does this look? Looks more like a forest? I have a few more to make then place around in Maya, at least this will make it easier on the program instead of all the little bits and pieces that were in there.


  1. Hey Melissa,

    Looks pretty good so far, but overall I feel its lacking contrast. Would really help break it up if you go through and reall make a separate foreground/middleground/background - would give depth to the world your characters exist in. GL!

  2. Thanks! This is just one piece of it! I'm making large pieces that I can patch together in After Effects then render out and put in Maya so there isn't a ton of images in Maya. So Maya won't crash and act stupid. Because it likes to do that!

    But thank you! I am working on bringing more things forward...possibly just a couple of trees and flowers to really break up that foreground.