Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dali gone Disney!!!!!!

So I recently watched this on youtube thanks to stumble and was blown away...I get chills and break out in cold sweats when I watch this, BUT its amazing! The animation is mind blowing, in my opinion. I've always loved Dali's work, but seeing it move across the screen leaves me speechless. Its a shame that Disney had to put this animation on hold due to finiancial restraints. But I'm glad to see that they've finished it.

My only question is "Who is this for?" Who is the audience? Disney is so famous for animating feature lenght films and short films for children...this clearly is not what they had in mind. It almost has a Fantasia feel to it.

How does this relate to my senior thesis? Well, I really love the use of color in the movie to set moods! Sure that can be said for any film, and it is Dali who is a professional painter...BUT I've been looking for films that have these atributes and really well. This film in particular really shows it.

(I dont know if I can legally show this is on Youtube, but if not someone please tell me and I will remove it.)

Film: Destino
Animation Studio: Disney
Inspired by: Dali

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