Friday, August 7, 2009

Sense out of nonsense.

Now that my rough board has been reviewed I had some pretty good questions about my story and its content. There are some concerns that it might not be...well let's politically correct. There are a few areas that tend to be fuzzy and that I hope to clear up quickly.

First of all, let me introduce the dinosaur I picked. The Compsognathus is a small chicken sized meat eater discovered in Germany and France. The fact that it was discovered in Europe is an added bonus to my take on how people reacted to the skeleton, since I'm going with the whole Medieval time period. BUT the most important fact (and no I don't expect most people if anyone to know this) is that the Compsognathus is a relative to the Archaeopteryx which is considered the first bird. The physical appearance of the dinosaur will leave subtle hints to this fact, or at least thats the plan.

Second question that came up. "Why would they consider the skeleton/fossil to be a dragon?" Upon researching the myth behind the dragon the origin stories are vague. Dragons are a myth after all. But several sources lean towards dinosaur fossils being the catalyst for these myths.

Tying up a few other loose ends...the lava. I understand the according to the laws of physics in no way could those leaves or vines (which the dinosaur used as wings) would survive the intense heat and would probably burn up leaving only the skeleton. There's no doubting this fact! However, I could say for the sake of entertainment that they survive just because I wanted them too...but that's kind of lame. So, I was thinking instead of using ash from the volcano instead, which would cover the creature and preserve it. I am of course thinking of Pompeii. Pompeii was completely covered in volcanic ash preserving people and their surroundings. But I'm not too entirely sure whether this aids or hinders story. The only other question is, is what were the humans doing. There were no backgrounds so I could see how this would be a problem to understand what was going on. The man that found the skeleton was digging in a field. I do plan on having the ordinary Medieval background with a castle somewhere in the distance and tons of peasants digging on the dirt. I hope that would clear things up a bit.

At the moment I am recreating my storyboard and hope do have that done before school starts, and have some character design out of the way also.

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