Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sketches! Compsognathus a.k.a. Compy

So the above photo is my study of the Compy.
I'm trying to figure out the right features for the little bugger but I haven't reached the right combination. Studying the various mouth 'beak' shapes, the eyes, the arms, and the head in general. A lot of studies are still to come.

The one on the right here is the latest one I've come up with. Yes, I know its only a side view but why bother trying to draw from some crazy perspective when I'm in the middle of experimenting with body parts. There are parts I like and parts I hate in this image. The idea of the feet is exciting...chicken feet, but logically I don't know if that will support the weight of the entire body. Not everyone will know that the Compy has a hollow bone structure. I do like the face. I love the bird like features, not to sure about the eye yet. The arm is working in a way. Its like a chicken wing but still needs some thought. The tail is okay for now. The overall shape of the body is confusing. Should he be fat or skinny since he's starving...? I dont know yet. I want to show that he is in a desperate situation and really wants to eat the babies on the cliff but at the same time I don't want to over exaggerate the figure. So I'm divided, which is a sad place to be. I have all intentions of reworking this little guy over and over until it fully represents a desperately hungry chicken looking dino. He's getting there but needs a makeover.

This was my first attempt at really digging into the character design. I don't like it much at all, BUT it did inspire me to think more about the personality of the character and tie that into the features. So its not a failure either I suppose.

This was my first concept EVER for the Compy, which wasn't a Compy but a close cousin of his. He's kind of hard to look at....

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