Friday, August 28, 2009

Paper Puppet Palooza

Well there's the link anyway...this book claims to share 'great' techniques of the paper puppet craft. It's fairly inexpensive and seems interesting enough, and since I plan to use cut outs as my craft for my animation it seems well worth it. It promises puppet design tips and construction tips and tricks. However, I'm not sure about it. The book also highlights how to make novelty items such as pop-up gift cards and what not.

I want to buy this book in hopes that I will learn something new about puppet making, and at the same time I feel I still have a lot of research to do before I indulge in a 12.39 plus shipping and handling mistake(or prize).


  1. Definitely purchase it if you want to learn the different mechanics behind puppets. It's a great tool for animators, especially if your hoping to achieve that puppet theater style.

  2. The outlet you're looking at isn't a bookstore, it's a warehouse and a website. You're in a big city, so hie thee down to a real bookstore (such as the amazing Rainy Day Books) and actually LOOK at the book, which you can still do at real bookstores. Call 'em first and make sure they have it; if not, ask if you can order it to look at before you decide whether or not to buy.

    But then, be ethical, and if you want to buy it, don't just use the bookstore as a tool and then go running for a cheap online copy. Support your local bookstore and see how good it feels!

    I bought the book myself and love it! It's on my Staff Recommendations shelf as we speak ... did I mention that I'm an independent bookseller? (Could you guess?)

  3. Thanks for your advice! I will call a couple stores tomorrow and see what they got. I'm not to interesting in puppet theater style...I'm looking for cut out puppets and techniques. I've read some good stuff and have a couple of books but I'm wanting to perfect cut out puppets. More fluid motion!!!!!